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At this time the Winona Peach Festival Board of Directors and Arts & Crafts Chair, are looking forward to having a Winona Peach Festival this year!!   If you have been a crafter/artisan at Peach Festival, we want you to know that 'Entry Forms' will not be sent out until the end of March for our 2022 year. 

The Winona Peach Festival offers a wonderful relaxing Arts & Crafts area, located in the beautiful park tree canopy area, where you can take a leisurely walk while viewing over 75 vendors.  We have a wide variety of crafters from all over Southern Ontario. Some demonstrate their craft.

If you would like to become an exhibitor in our Arts & Crafts Show for 2022, the crafts you sell, must be made by you the exhibitor.  No imported items.

Please send name, postal address, e-mail address and resume, including pictures by e-mail to the Arts & Crafts Chair.  If you wish your pictures returned, send a self stamped and addressed envelope along.

Winona Peach Festival,     

P.O. Box 10505,

Winona ON, L8E 5R1 

Attn: Arts & Crafts

Contact by email:  Arts & Crafts Chairperson

Below is the list of some of this year's artists, please come out to visit them!



Visit the Winona Horticultural Society in the Arts & Craft area!  They have indoor & outdoor plants, trees, bushes, vines, bulbs, seeds, dried plant materials, fresh cut flowers, herbs, garden vegetables, garden related books, buttons, aprons and more.


So much to check out in the Arts & Crafts area.