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Food Court


Would you like to know who what kind of foods you can find at the Winona Peach Festival?  Listed below is each group and what they sell!

308 Triumph Navy League Cadets - steak on a bun, Coca-Cola products, water

713 Squardon sponsoring Committee - Hotdogs, Coke products, bottled water

Battlefield Optimist Club of Stoney Creek  -  Coney Island 12" Frankfurter with chili, Pop Shoppe products, Tradewinds Kettle brewed Steeped Ice Tea, water

Dr Bob Kemp Hospice  -  Candy, cupcakes, fudge, cookies, nachos with peach salsa, galeto (various flavours), frozen dairy-free desserts, cookie gelato dessert sandwich, tea, herbal teas, regular/decaffeinated/flavoured coffee, fresh squeezed lemonade, all freshly pressed citrus juices, peach drink, water.   They also have Hospice Teddy Bears for sale.  

Fifty United Church  -  Peach pies & pie slices, Crystal Beach sugar waffles, Panzerolli, fresh single peaches, jams, jellies,  candy, PowerAde, Sunny D, drinking boxes, Coca-Cola products, iced tea, water.  They also have cookbooks for sale.

Hamilton Jaquars Football Team - Ribs (with or without bones); Rib Sandwiches; Pogos (any size); Pretzels (any size) with dipping sauce, Red Bull; Slushies; Coca-Cola products; Water

Homefront Cancer Services  -  Elephant ears, funnel cakes and funnel fries, egg rolls, deep fried vegetables, deep fried cheese sticks, deep fried chocolate bars, deep fried pickles (all sold separately or in a combo), veggies & dip, baked potatoes/potato skins, chicken wings, watermelon, chips, cheesies, chocolate bars, candy, tea, hot chocolate, iced tea, Selection pop, Coca-Cola products, flavoured water, water

Immaculate Heart of Mary  -  Meatball subs, sausage on a bun, pasta with meatballs, peach cobbler, Espresso coffee, Iced Coffee, Coca-Cola products, water

Kin Club of Flamborough - Jumbo Turkey Legs; Peach BBQ sauce; Jumbo Raw Pickles on a stick, Coca-Cola products, water

Kinsmen Club of Stoney Creek  -  Gluten free baked goods, gluten free grilled Panini sandwiches (dairy free & vegetarian options) with fresh vegetables on the side, grilled peaches with toppings, apples, bananas, candy floss, Sno cones, candy apples, Gatorade, water

Knights of Columbus Council #7969  -  Roast beef on a bun, roast pork (Porketta) on a bun, pizza, loganberry drink, peach drink, Coca-Cola products, water

Lions Club of Stoney Creek  -  Breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, homefries) until 11 AM, kids meals (small hot dog & drink), back bacon on a bun, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggieburgers, onion rings, fresh cooked flavoured potato chips, french fries, Canada Dry products, Coca-Cola products, water

Optimist Club of East Hamilton  -  smoked pull pork on a bun, potato chips, Pop Shoppe Pop, Coca-Cola products, water

Optimist Club of Stoney Creek  -  Cold deli sandwiches (turkey, ham, mixed meats), wraps (turkey, ham, mixed meats), vegetarian subs or wraps, regular or gluten free, gluten free German sausage with gluten free bun, German sausage, poutine, dried pepperettes, Chili Cheese Taters, sweet potato fries, V8 Cocktail, Pop Shoppe, Coca-Cola products, water

Rotary Club of Hamilton Stoney Creek  -  Perogies, folded crepes with ice cream and topped with peaches, yogurt, cannoli, Arizona beverages, Coca-Club products, peach drink, water

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church  -  Souvlaki, Gyro, Souvlaki combo, Gyro combo, Greek salad, Greek pitas, Greek pastries, Coca-Cola products, water

Winona Mens Club  -  Peach or strawberry ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones, ice cream novelties, ice cream sandwiches, single scoop of ice cream, corn on the cob

Look for our Winona Horticultural Society in the Arts & Craft section.  


                                                               Homefront Cancer Services                          Winona Men's Club                                                                                                                                            Visit all of our organizations to see what wonderful tasty foods they have to offer you!


            Rotary Club of Stoney Creek                                      Immaculate Heart of Mary                                            Lions Club of Stoney Creek


                                             Battlefield Optimist Club of Stoney Creek                               Optimist Club of Stoney Creek                                  


                           Dr Bob Kemp Hospice                                      Knights of Columbus Council #7969                              Winona Men's Club