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Midway - Robertson Amusements


Robertson Amusements has been partnered with the Winona Peach Festival for 30 years!  Congratulation!!

Welcome back Robertson Amusements!

Here is a list of the all of your favourite rides that were at the Winona Peach Festival this year!  

Exciting news!   There will be an hour of FREE rides on Saturday morning from 10 AM - 11 AM.


Freak Out




Jumping castle - Mickey/Princess

Dragon Wagon

Super Slide

Bumper cars

The Motorcycle Jump

Tea Cups

Cliff Hanger

Monkey Maze

Elephant Ride

and the Drop Zone Tower

We have some organizations over in the Midway area, here is what they offer!

713 Squadron Sponsoring Committee - hotdogs, Coke products, water

Knights of Columbus  -  pizza



Once again the Winona Peach Festival will be having Midway Presale tickets!!

Presales will start on Thursday August 1st and end Thursday August 22th, 2024. There will be no Pre-Sale discount tickets sales on Friday August  23rd, 2024.

Pre-Festival sale discount price is only $50 for 35 tickets!   The number of tickets per ride is between 1 - 3 tickets.

Discount of 25% over Peach Festival weekend midway ride ticket prices!!

Tickets can be purchased from:

Winona Gardens

1381 Highway 8 (at Fifty Road)

Winona, ON,  L8E 5K6

Telephone:  905-643-2161

Advance Sale Discount ride tickets will also be available  at Winona Park on Thursday August 24th, 2023 only from 6 - 8:30 PM  ( Cash only!)


Again we will have Community Hour on Friday August 23th, 2024, from 4 - 5 PM.