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Our 50th Anniversary Pageant will be held on Thursday July 13th, 2017 at Winona Vine Estates (located on Glover Road) starting at 7 PM. 

Join us for an amazing "Peachy Walk down Memory Lane" as you view Pageant memorabilia, talk with past Queens and Princesses, several of our past Pageant coordinators and watch all of our Past Royalty take the stage again for a "Peachy Walk down Memory Lane"  this will add to our memorable evening!   Door prizes, a celebration of 50 years, refreshments, see our 2017 Miss Congeniality and the Suzanne Erskine Legacy Award named plus the crowning of the 2017 Queen and Princesses!

Watch for pictures of this year's contestants!


Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice   -   Maya

Immaculate Heart of Mary   -   Veronica

Kinsmen Club of Stoney Creek  -   Ramnik

Knights of Columbus  -  Jaslyn

Stoney Creek Lions Club  -  Trinity

Optimist Club of Stoney Creek  -  Madeline

Croatian National Home  -  Joy

Winona Men’s Club  -  Emma


The Winona Peach Queen Pageant has been a long time tradition in our community. It offers young women the opportunity to develop their confidence as well as highlight their intelligence and personality. In addition, the 'Queen' and Princesses are ambassadors who travel to various community events and media outlets promoting tourism and goodwill.

As a delegate, the contestant must be between the ages of 14-18. All contestants are required to write and recite a speech about themselves, their sponsoring organization and the Winona Peach Festival. They are then also required to answer an impromptu question. The judging also consists of modeling casual and evening wear and interviews with each of the judges.

The process begins in May/June which allows for four months of bonding and growing friendships amongst the contestants that will last for a lifetime.  The get-togethers include many different things such as BBQs, mini-golf, visits to Children’s Hospitals, bowling, working out and attending the various parades throughout the region representing the Peach Festival. 

Once crowned, the Queen and Princesses will make many appearances on radio and television to promote the Peach Festival taking place the last weekend of August.  At the Peach Festival the contestants and the Queen and Princesses work at various booths, such as the fish pond, the ticket booth, the souvenir booth and their own organization booth.  Following the Peach Festival there are more events and parades to attend throughout the Golden Horseshoe, including Santa Claus parades.   

Patrons/Sponsors of the Winona Pageant:   Mother's Pizza Parlor (Hamilton), Today's Flowers, Cavalier Hair Fashions, Lois Redden (PartyLite Consultant), Scotia Bank, Winona Vine Estates, Eastgate Square, Splitsville Entertainment, Boston Pizza, Orangetheory Fitness, Puddicombe Farms & Winery, Seasons Stoney Creek, Robertson's Amusements.




                              2016 Princess Zipporah                                       2016 Queen Olivia                                               2016 Princess Andrea


                  Congratulations to our winner of the Suzanne Erskine Legacy Award, Miss Knights of Columbus, Olivia.

                 Congratulations to our recipient of Miss Congeniality, Miss Winona Horticulture Society, Elli.  

          Congratulations to all of the contestants who participated last night, you looked amazing, gave great speeches and are wonderful role models!