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Volunteering at the Winona Peach Festival


Thank you so much for your interest, time and support of the organizations that are the Winona Peach Festival.

This year it is more important that we get the support of our community!  Below is links for you to contact the various

organizations to offer your time as a volunteer on Peach Festival weekend.   Click on each organizations name and

it will take you to their representative that can take your information.

 We believe that by you contacting them directly, you will receive a quicker response, be able to find out what their needs are plus we are cutting out the person passing along information.

The Rotary Club of Hamilton Stoney Creek  -  The Rotary Club not only serves perogies but those amazing peach crepes!

Optimist Club of Stoney Creek   -   The Optimist Club of Stoney Creek serves Deli sandwiches, poutine, sweet potato fries and many more items!

Croatian National Home Folklore Ensemble  -  Croatian National Home Folklore Ensemble serves Cevapi in Lepina bread, chicken schnitzel on a bun, cabbage rolls (sarma), chicken burger on a bun, and more.

Kinsmen Club of Stoney Creek  -   Kinsmen booth is where you can get gluten free baked goods, gluten free grilled Panini sandwiches, apples, bananas and much more.

713 Squadron Sponsoring Committee - We serve hotdogs, pop and water, plus run 2 games out in the Midway area.   *Please note we are looking for volunteers over 18 years old for our games.

Lions Club of Stoney Creek  -  The Lions Club serves breakfast, back bacon on a bun, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggieburgers, onion rings and much more.

Winona Men's Club  -   The Winona Men's Club serve peach and strawberry sundaes, corn on the cob, as well as ice cream cones and frozen treats.  Volunteers are especially welcome in the peach sundae booth.

Homefront Cancer - Homefront Cancer Services serves elephant ears, funnel cakes and funnel fries, egg rolls, deep fried vegetables, deep fried cheese sticks, deep fried chocolate bars and more. 

Battlefield Optimist Club of Stoney Creek  -  Please use this number to contact the Club 905-561-0006.  Battlefield Optimist serve Coney Island 12" Frankfurter with chili, if this is one of your favourites, contact them to volunteer.

Winona Horticulture Society - They have indoor & outdoor plants, trees, bushes, vines, bulbs, seeds, dried plant materials, fresh cut flowers, herbs, garden vegetables, garden related books, buttons, aprons and more.